What are the most demanded industrial estate locations in Thailand?

For many years Thailand has been one of the world’s largest producers of computer parts, textiles, and automobiles. This has created a large number of industrial estates all over Thailand. Industrial properties are buildings or land property where firms carry out industrial business activities such as manufacturing, storage, distribution, assembly, etc. The industrial estate is usually an area that encompasses many companies in the same line of business with good access to transport routes etc. Furthermore, it includes the necessary infrastructure for the company to carry out management functions efficiently. Industrial estates are common in most countries but they differ in size and capacity according to market demand at that time.

According to research conducted by Cushman & amp; Wakefield Industrial Research Group (Thailand), some provinces have experienced more growth than others within the Industrial Estate industry. Industrial estates in the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand have experienced some of the greatest growth in recent years due to their close proximity to Malaysia and Singapore. Another popular Industrial estate location is Chonburi, about an hour’s drive away from Bangkok where many factories are located. Industrial properties in this province also often benefit from lower land prices than other provinces making it more attractive for investors.

Industrial estates in Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, and Samut Prakan (around Bangkok) are also on-demand, mainly because of their ease of access to key markets within the Greater Bangkok area through road, rail, or expressways. Malls, industrial parks, and business centers can be found here while large plots of land with relatively low land prices are available for Industrial use.

The Industrial Estate industry in Thailand is still growing and we should expect to see real estate investors investing more money into Industrial properties as the demand continues to grow throughout the country. Industrial estates provide a large number of job opportunities as well as convenience both to those who rely on it for income and those who benefit from the goods produced within it. Industrial estates usually offer full-service rental options including warehouse areas, office spaces, storage areas, etc. It’s definitely a good investment choice if you’re looking for a stable portfolio. ( Industrial properties in Thailand )

Firms carrying out Industrial activities usually require a large amount of land and access to transportation routes, necessary infrastructure, etc. Industrial estates provide the perfect solution for such companies by offering them all the benefits mentioned above.

In conclusion, investors should choose Industrial properties that have been around for a few years if they’re planning on investing money into it as there may be less risk involved. More stable Industrial estates tend to offer more warranties and warranties allowing tenants to rent their premises without having legal restrictions or curfews. It also makes sense to invest in Industrial estates close to existing infrastructures while looking for a good location with ample accessibility.