S.M.A.R.T Education : Started out in 2015, a new generation of IT people committed in bringing cutting-edge technology into the life of Thais. WellFineTech founded the company by bringing in IOT (Internet of Things) technology that responds to digital life to market Smart Home. With the desire to improve the quality of life of city people. From the changing economic and social conditions, people in Bangkok and metropolitan areas have to face the constraints of daily life, such as the rush, less time for self-care, loved ones and property, etc. Smart Home technology is the answer to reduce these limitations and it’s safe and saves time! With a better quality of life for you to comfortably live in the city and spend more time with your family. This is the basic quality of we want to help create for society.

Ready to grow to the country side : By the year 2017, with the successful completion of Smart Home marketing, Well Fine Tech has begun expanding its IOT technology to develop rural parts of Thailand because of the importance and value of agricultural workers who are the majority population of Thailand. Agriculture plays a major role in the Thai economy, but it has not been much developed due to constraints, there is a lack of development in both knowledge and production capacity to fill the potential of Thai agriculture. In the era of Thailand 4.0, all sides are supporting to jumps into the digital era. IOT technology is likely to drive and develop Thailand’s agricultural industry to progress for a better economy and Thai society in this near future.

We have a commitment of taking every Thai business with us through the change of IOT because we have a team of experienced professionals and resources that support every IOT project and the ability to bring the fundamentals of innovative needs to the rapidly evolving business sector such as IOT, big data, machine learning and AI. WellFineTech is ready to push all Thai businesses in various fields to use advanced technologies to upgrade their knowledge, system and value for every business to grow and lead their business and increase the number of customers while reducing costs, problems, resources and time. It also increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the work, increasing the opportunity and competitive advantage in the business world of this 4.0 digital economy.

Missions & Vision

WellFineTech is a leader in innovation with a motive to enhance the quality of life and businesses in Thailand while fundamentally and economically sustaining Thai society. WellFineTech strives to become a leader in innovation and new technology for Thai businesses in the global market.

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“With a mission no less than the relief of human suffering-and so much suffering in the world-we can never be complacent: we have to keep getting better and better.”
Dr. Jay Perman