Giovani nel mondo

The Giovani nel Mondo Association is an independent, non-profit, non-denominational, and apolitical organization. The Assocation pursues educational and cultural, both international and national, goals; its primary focus is youth and young adults, ages between eighteen and thirty years old, to assist and accompany them on their education path and their professional, academic, and socio-cultural growth. In particular, for the 2015/2016 year, Giovani nel Mondo promotes: research in the field of training and education, at both the national and international level; events, study abroad, cultural exchanges, twinning with young Italian and foreign students; events suited to facilitate the participation and involvement of the youth in the activities of international and national, private and public, institutions which operate in related sectors. To realize its initiatives, the Giovani nel Mondo association employs a research committee comprised of young Italian researchers, which includes the Association’s President, Dr, Daniela Conte, and especially an international scientific committee which consists of academic and professional experts, such as:


Prof. Rafis Abazov, Al Farabi Kazakh National University – Columbia University

Prof. Danilo Breschi, UNINT, Rome

Dr. Giorgio Bartolomucci, Diplomacy Secretary General

Ambassador Fabrizio Lobasso,Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Ministry

Prof.ssa Maria Cristina Marchetti, La Sapienza University, Rome

Prof. Jonny Massey, The New School of Rome

Dr. Alessandro Politi, senior researcher Cemis, NATO Defense College Foundation Director,geopolitics and geo-economy professor;

Prof. Barbara Pisciotta, Roma Tre University

Prof. Luca Scuccimarra, La Sapienza University, Rome

Prof. Diana Tsoi, American University of Central Asia, Bishkek


Daniela Conte, CEO-Executive Director

Salvatore Toppo, Head of Marketing and Fundraising

Manuela Sessa, Head of Institutional Relations Office

Anna Caputo, Editor in Chief-

Klaudziya Haponava, Head of International Relations

Laura Lucarelli, Administration and External Relations

Arcangelo Franco, Web Design

Nicola Bollino, Marketing and Fundraising

Claudia Cappiello, Marketing and Fundraising


GnM operates thanks to the contribution of hundreds of volunteers and ambassadors from all over the world


Since its foundation in 2009, GnM has partnered with hundreds of associations, NGOs, national and international institutions, and private companies, for more info about how to become a partner write an email to


a. Organized by Giovani nel Mondo

  • Rome Model United
    The Rome Model United Nations is the largest diplomatic simulation for University students in Italy, and amongst the biggest in Europe. The intenti s to teach students the real workings of the United Nations, with the aim of finding common and shared solutions to the issues on the agenda. There are expected to be 2000 students, coming from all over the world, who will be discussing the issues as either a judge or delegate, for the 2016 edition of RomeMUN. All conference work will be oriented around the principle theme of the event “YOUTH AND FUTURE GLOBAL CHALLENGES”.

b. Promoted by Giovani nel Mondo :

  • GlobalMUN- Global Model United Nations – United Nations – August 2011.
  • GlobalMUN- Global Model United Nations- United Nations
  • G8/G20 simulation in Paris
  • GlobalMUN- Global Model United Nations- United Nations
  • G8/G20 simulation
  • Balkan Model United Nations (BalkanMUN) – ALBANIA
  • Model NATO Youth Summit Brussels (MoNYS) – BELGIUM
  • KU Leuven Model United Nations (KULMUN) – BELGIUM
  • Simulation for High School (SiEM) – BRAZIL
  • Blagoevgrad International Model United Nations (BLIMUN) – BULGARIA
  • Asian International Model United Nations (AIMUN) – CHINA
  • Arab League Model United Nations (ALMUN) – EGYPT
  • Ain Shams Model United Nations (ASMUN) – EGYPT
  • Tallinn Model United Nations (TMUN) – ESTONIA
  • Africa Model United Nations (AfroMUN) – ETHIOPIA
  • Stras’Diplomacy – FRANCE
  • Paris International Model United Nations – FRANCE
  • Model United Nations Nice – FRANCE
  • Reims International Model United Nations (RIMUN) – FRANCE
  • Bordeaux European Model United Nations (BEMUN) – FRANCE
  • Model United Nations in Tours (MUNIT) – FRANCE
  • Mannheim e.V. Model United Nations (MannheimMUN) – GERMANY
  • Model United Nations (OstseeMUN) – GERMANY
  • Berlin International Model United Nations (BerlinMUN) – GERMANY
  • OCEANS Network – GERMANY
  • Life-Link Tertiary Model United Nations (LTMUN) – GHANA
  • Thessaloniki International Student Model United Nations (ThessISMUN) – GREECE
  • World Youth Model United Nations (WYMUN) – INDIA
  • BITSMUN – India
  • KIIT International Model United Nations (KIIT MUN) – INDIA
  • Jaypee Model United Nations (JMUN) – INDIA
  • Genoa Model United Nations (GeMUN) – ITALY
  • Japan University English Model United Nations (JUEMUN) – JAPAN
  • New Silk Way Model United Nations (NSWMUN) – KAZAKHSTAN
  • Latvian Model United Nations (LVMUN) – LATVIA
  • Marrakech Model United Nations (MarrakechMUN) – MOROCCO
  • North Africa International Model United Nations (NAIMUN) – MOROCCO
  • European Model United Nations (EuroMUN) – NETHERLANDS
  • NUST International Model United Nations (NIMUN) – NEPAL
  • Rotaract Model United Nations (RotaractMUN) – ROMANIA
  • Model United Nations of the Russian Far East (MUNRFE) – RUSSIAN FEDERATION
  • Saint Petersburg State University Model United Nations (SPIMUN) – RUSSIA FEDERATION
  • The Model United Nations of Barcelona (C’MUN) – SPAIN
  • Sheffield Model United Nations 2013 (SheffMUN) – UNITED KINGDOM
  • London International Model United Nations (LIMUN) – UNITED KINGDOM
  • Cardiff University International Model United Nations (CardiffMUN) – UNITED KINGDOM
  • Scotland Model United Nations (ScottMUN) – UNITED KINGDOM
  • Model United Nations of Bilkent University (MUNBU) – TURKEY
  • Istanbul Erkek Lisesi Model United Nations (IELMUN) – TURKEY
  • Kabatas Model United Nations (KabatasMUN) – TURKEY
  • Gazi University Model United Nations (GaziMUN) – TURKEY

c. MUN Conferences with the participation of “Giovani nel Mondo”:

  • Sofia Model United Nations (SofiMUN) – Sofia, BULGARIA
  • Asia International Model United Nations (AIMUN) – Beijing, CHINA
  • Milan Model United Nations (MilMUN) – Milan, ITALY
  • Genoa Model United Nations (GeMUN) – Genoa, ITALY
  • New Silk Way Model United Nations (NSWMUN) – Almaty, ITALY
  • The Model United Nations of Barcelona (C’MUN) – SPAIN
  • European Model United Nations (EuroMUN) – Maastricht, THE NETHERLANDS
  • Nottingham Model United Nations (NottsMUN) – Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM
  • Change the World Model United Nations (CWMUN) – New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
  • National Model United Nations (NMUN) – New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
  • National Model United Nations (NMUN) – Washington DC, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
  • Harvard Model United Nations (Harvard MUN) – Boston, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
  • National Collegiate Security Council (NCSC) – Georgetown, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
  • Workshop on Model United Nations, Department of Public Information, UN Headquarters New York, August 2012

a. Careers Day, Job Fair, Seminars and Workshops, dedicated entirely to students or recent graduates, on opportunities in an international work environment, organized either by Giovani nel Mondo alone, or with the collaboration of one of its partner agencies:

  • Orientation Seminars held at Rome’s “La Sapienza” University: “Working in Europe, opportunities for youth in European environment” April 28th 2015;
  • Conference held at the University of International Studies (UNINT) of Rome: “Diplomatic Career, United Nations and No Profit” April 12th 2015;
  • “Carriere Internazionali Day” Job Fair dedicated to 10.000 young students and graduates from all over the world, held at Eataly- March 18th 2015;
  • “Luiss International Job Fair” – Career Day third edition, dedicated to opportunities within an international environment and organized at Rome’s LUISS Guido Carli University- February 25th, 2015;
  • Orientation Seminars held at Rome’s “La Sapienza” University: “Working in NGO”, December 3rd, 2014;
  • Orientation Seminars held at Rome’s “La Sapienza” University: “Working at United Nations” November 3rd, 2014;
  • Orientation Seminars held at Rome’s “La Sapienza” University: “Diplomacy Festival lands on Sapienza” October 10th, 2014;
  • Orientation Seminars held with the collaboration of Rome’s “La Sapienza” University: “Working in Europe- Spazio Europa, Rome- May 22nd, 2014;
  • Workshop “Studying and working abroad” – University of Trieste, Trieste – May 20th, 2014;
  • Workshop “Studying and working abroad” – University of Milan, Milan- May 19th, 2014;
  • Seminar about International Careers held during the International Career Day in Milan, organized by Job Advisor- Palazzo delle Stelline, Milan – April 9th, 2014;
  • “Luiss International Job Fair” – second edition – April 4th, 2014;
  • Orientation Seminars held at Rome’s “La Sapienza” University: “Working in NGOs”, March 12th, 2014;
  • Rome MUN Opportunity Fair – Eataly, Rome – March 17th, 2014;
  • International Career Day at Rome’s La Sapienza University, December 6th, 2013;
  • Orientation Seminars held at Rome’s “La Sapienza” University: “Diplomatic Career” December 2nd, 2013;
  • Orientation Seminars held at Rome’s “La Sapienza” University: “Working in the United Nations” November 12th, 2013;
  • Workshop “International Careers opportunities for youth” – UNINT, Rome –October 24th, 2013;
  • Workshop “The diplomatic career” – Liceo Classico Eugenio Montale, Rome – October, 17th, 2013
  • Workshop “Afghanistan post 2015: What’s next” –Roma Tre University, Rome – October 16th, 2013;
  • Visit at the Brazilian Embassy in Italy, October 14th, 2013;
  • Visit at the German Embassy in Italy, October 15th, 2013;
  • Azerbaijani Students and Alumni International Forum (ASAIF), Hotel “Parco dei Principi” Rome, 27- May 30th, 2013;
  • “International Job Fair” Luiss Guido Carli University, Rome- April 10th, 2013;
  • Orientation Seminars held at superior seconadry schools: Democrito; Salvini; Malpighi; etc.
  • Youth and European Union– intensive residential seminars – Frascati, May 25th -26th, 2013;
  • Be Global- International moving Day –Roma Tre University, Rome – May 21st, 2013;
  • Working in the United Nations: the collaboration between FAO-IFAD WFP – University, Rome -May 9th, 2013;
  • Working at WFP, live chat with WFP for Italy, Spokesperson Dr. Vichi De Marzo-April 16th, 2013;
  • Youth and International Careers – intensive orientation seminars – Frascati, April 13th and 14th, 2013;
  • Youth and United Nations – intensive residential seminars – Frascati, March 23rd-24th, 2013;
  • “Go International, youth and international careers”, Luiss Guido Carli, Rome- March 19th, 2012;
  • Orientation Seminar at Luiss Guido Carli University, in collaboration with FAO, WFP,UNDESA – October 29th, 2012; November 30th, 2012;
  • Competition on the Right to Happiness, August-October 2012: Happiness right as inalienable human rights? Example of Citizen Diplomacy, Palazzo Valentini, Rome – October 17th, 2012;
  • Young International Forum, La Pelanda Rome, May 8th -11th, 2012 ;
  • Generating leadership, Deputy Chamber, April 13th, 2012;
  • Foreign Ministry Franco Frattini meets the students, Luiss Guido Carli, Rome, October 14th, 2011;
  • United Nations-National Recruitment Examination 2011 LUISS Guido Carli, Rome, June 15th, 2011;
  • “Religion-Democracy and Civil Liberties” in collaboration with the School of Governments-Luiss Guido Carli SISP- Italian Society of Political Science ECPR- European Consortium for Political Research, Luiss Guido Carli, Rome, January 21st, 2011;
  • Meeting with the Indian Minister of Commerce, and of Sharma Industry “India and Italy: an enhanced global partnership”, January 31st, 2011;
  • RomeMUN 2011 Opening Ceremony; the RomeMUN delegate meet the IFAD Director Mr. Kanayo F. Nwanze, IFAD, Rome, March 7th, 2011;
  • Meeting with the President of Chile, Luiss Guido Carli, May 1st, 2011;
  • Generating leadership, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome, April 6th, 2011;
  • Awarding of the Laurea Honoris Causae to Robert Putnam – Harvard School of Government, Luiss Guido Carli, May 17th, 2011;
  • “ Go International Youth and International Careers”, Luiss Guido Carli, Rome – May 10th, 2011;
  • “Lost your Compass? Find your way!”- Luiss Guido Carli, Rome – May 3rd, 2010;
  • Generating leadership, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome, Confindustria, April 28th 2010;
  • “If David beats Goliath” considerations regarding youth mobility in Italy, Caffè Letterario, Roma, OSECO observatory, June 30th,2010;
  • “After the Crisis: The Road Ahead”- Presentation of the LIGEP Report, Luiss Guido Carli, October 27th,2010;
  • Governing the Democracies, Directors, Leaders and Challenges, Luiss Guido Carli, November 18th- 19th, 2010;
  • Hundred Youth for Hundred Years, Confindustria, Luiss Guido Carli, November 25th, 2010.

b. Print and electronic publications of the quarterly magazine: Go International – The youth and international careers.

Every issue of the magazine deals with and examines 4 main areas of the world ofinternational relations – United Nations and International Organizations; EU and European projects; International cooperation, volunteer work and NGOs; University and post-graduate education and training alternatives in Italy and abroad – providing information regarding study and work opportunities, including testimonies by students, professors, officials, and experts;


  • Kazakhstan, for the occasion of the participation of a delegation, composed by Giovani nel Mondo members, to the New Silk Way Model United Nations and of the meetings held at Almaty’s main Universities, May 7th- 10th – 05-15;
  • New York, for the occasion of the participation of a delegation, composed by Giovani nel Mondo members, to the “Change the World Model United Nations”, March 19th – March 25th 2015;
  • Japan, for the occasion of the JUEMUN and of the meetings held at the main university of the Kansai region (Kyoto, Kobe and Osaka), June 5th – June 15th 2014;
  • Slovenia, for the occasion of the participation of a Giovani nel Mondo delegation to the Youth Conference on Energy Security held at Lubiana University, meeting with Professor Danilo Türk, candidate for the United Nations Secreatry General elections at Lubiana University, July 8th – July 11th 2014;
  • Baku, Azerbaijan, sponsored by the Youth and Sport Ministry of Azerbaijan Republic, June 26th – July 2nd, 2013;
  • LED Center – LUISS Entrepreneurship for Development Center, organized by Luiss Guido Carli and NOMURA. School of Government Luiss Guido Carli I and II level Master
  • Diplomatic Career Preparation courses- Luiss School of Government
  • Master in Cooperation and Development – IUSS Pavia
  • Masters organized by IED, UCAM, Sole 24 Ore Business School, HULT Business School for the year 2014/2015
  • San Raffaele Telematic University entire formative offer
  • Master in European Studies by LUISS School of Government
  • Master in International Public Affairs by LUISS School of Government
  • Master Global Economics and Social Affairs by University Ca’ Foscari
  • INTERDISCIPLINARY MASTER ON INFANCY AND ADOLESCENT RIGHTS organized by UNICEF in collaboration with Milan University – Bicocca
  • Preparation courses for Diplomatic career by UNINT
  • Political Sciences and Union Relation School by UNINT
  • Collaboration with the World Food Programme for the following initiatives: “Hunger Run” and “ Free Rice”
  • Fundrasing for “Fondazione Vincente Ferrer” for India – in cooperation with Hard Rock Café Promotion of UN campaign like “One billion Hungry” among our network;
  • Involvement of one of Giovani Nel Mondo members to the European Project “Refresh the botton, digital tools driving the change” in partnership with the
    Association Futuro Digitale, June 25th – June 30th 2014;
  • Project “The World Closer” to the European Commission; Italy
  • Project about cultural heritage – Youth in Action; Ukraine
  • Youth Engaged citizens- Morocco 2012/2013

The website, managed by the Giovani nel Mondo Association, presents itself as a unique container of the numerous study and work opportunities which exist at the national, European, and international level, receiving an average of 250,000 views per month. The site, which is in the Italian language, is therefore largely visited by Italian users. Every
month, the site has, on average, 45% new visitors and 55% returning visitors, 66% coming from direct traffic and around 24% from our Facebook page. The site is updated daily, highlighting interesting work and internship opportunities at the United Nations and other International Organizations, the European Union, NGOs, and may other institutions active within the field of cooperation and development. These proposals and opportunities are sent to our members through periodic newsletters which reach circa 64,000 contacts.

AGIA is an association born in June of 2014 thanks to the support of the Embassy of theAzerbaijan Democratic Republic in Italy and the Azerbaijani Youth and Sport Ministry, in order to implement dialogue and cultural exchanges between Italian and Azerbaijani youth. The Association organizes conferences, meetings, events and seminars aimed at spreading the culture and traditions of Azerbaijan and to involve students and young Italians in study and work opportunities within the country. In addition, activities at both the national and international level and in collaboration with youth associations for the realization of European projects, summer schools, international conferences, and festivals are currently being planned.

“Azerbaijan, a country of opportunity” a meeting with H.E. the Ambassador of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in Italy and presentation of the special issue of Go International dedicated to the state of Azerbaijan at Luiss Guido Carli University – June 17, 2014.

“Giovani Nel Mondo” has collaborated with numerous institutions and organizations, including:

Associations and NGOs:

  • Amnesty International Italia
  • Associazione AIM
  • Associazione Futuro Digitale
  • Associazione Laureati LUISS
  • ASP Salerno
  • Azerbaijani Youth Associations
  • BEST
  • Carta Giovani
  • Crono
  • Erasmus in Campus
  • ESN
  • Fundrasing for the “Fondazione Vincente Ferrer” for India – in collaboration with the Hard Rock Café;
  • Italia Camp
  • John Cabot MUN Club
  • LUISS Sostenibile
  • MUN Clubs worldwide
  • Sapienza in Movimento
  • Save The Children Italia
  • International Civil Service
  • Yap Italia

Institutions and Universities:

  • Embassy of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic
  • FAO – Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN
  • IFAD – International Fund for Agricultural Organization
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Presidency of the Council of Ministers
  • Representative of Italy in the European Commission
  • Region of Calabria
  • Region of Emilia Romagna
  • Region of Lazio
  • Region of Liguria
  • Region of Lombardia
  • Region of Umbria
  • Region of Veneto
  • Broadcasting School of Radio-Television Journalism of Perugia
  • Unicef Italia Onlus
  • Università La Sapienza of Rome
  • Università Ca Foscari of Venezia
  • Università degli Studi Internazionali of Roma
  • Università LUISS Guido Carli
  • Università LUISS School of Government
  • WFP – World Food Programme
  • World Bank

Firms and Companies:

  • Apple
  • Atac Spa
  • Bonduelle
  • Boscolo Hotels
  • British Institutes
  • Caffè Motta
  • Centrale del Latte
  • Complesso Villa Mercede
  • CTS
  • Eataly
  • Ferrarelle
  • Ferrero
  • Fullbright Commission
  • Gruppo Giorgio Tesi Vivai
  • Hard Rock Cafè
  • Kaplan International
  • Libreria Universitaria
  • MSC Crociere
  • Nike
  • Packlink Italia
  • PANS
  • Petrone Antica Distilleria
  • PWC
  • Rio Mare
  • Sheraton Golf Hotel
  • Sole 24 Ore Business School
  • Trenitalia
  • Wall Street Institute

Media partners:

  • Agenzia Nova
  • C-
  • Cronache Internazionali
  • Eurocultura
  • Gruppo L’Espresso – M2o
  • Incontragiovani Roma
  • Job Soul
  • Lavoro e Formazione
  • MTV NEWS Italia
  • Portaportese
  • The Post Internazionale
  • Università.it