What are the most common languages spoken at Rome Press Game, at RomeMUN and at the International Careers Fair? Working as a journalist at RomeMUN Press Game myself, I took my chance to interview several participants in order to find out more about the origins of their impressive language skills. At Rome Press Game the most spoken language is English, followed by Russian (what a surprise!), Italian, French, Portoguese and Spanish.

My first interview partner is 23-year old Ginevra. Participating in RomeMUN Press Game, she is fluent in English and Italian and French. “I started to study English at school when I was 6 years old, but I didn’t like school nor English at that age. When I started High School, however, I got motivated to improve my English because I had a fantastic American teacher. After finishing High School, I subscribed to the Language University in Pisa. Now I am studying English, French and Russian. My dream is to become an interpreter. RomeMUN is a great experience for me to work towards this aim.

Benedetta, 21 years old and a participant of the International Careers Fair is the second person I speak to. She is fluent in Italian, English, German and Portuguese. “I lived in German for four years when I was a child with my family. I still like studying German because I reminds me of my childhood.”, she says. “I am also studying Portuguese because this language is very useful for my work. Now I am satisfied to partecipate at Rome Press Game because I can speak and interact with many international people. My dream is to become a journalist, so Rome Press Game is a unique opportunity for me to learn how to work in a professional team.”


Pellegrini Cecilia Team 3- Rome Press Game



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